William Dean A. Garner Views Orange-Light UFO Over Saint Pete Beach, Florida in February 2016

William Dean A. Garner Views Orange-Light UFO Over Saint Pete Beach, Florida in February 2016

In early February 2016, I was standing outside my home in Saint Pete Beach, FL, talking with my FedEx delivery man, “Ed,” when a large, bright-orange UFO suddenly appeared above us and approximately 40 degrees from vertical in the north-northwest sky. Intuitively, I estimate the UFO was at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Don’t ask how I knew that; reflex estimation from past experience, but not with UFOs of undisclosed size and distance from my eyes.

The sky was baby blue and bright, so the orange UFO created a striking contrast against it.

“Ed” looked up casually and said, “What the heck is that?”

The UFO jerked right-left and up-down with a severe acceleration that would’ve easily put 30+ Gs on any of our modern fighter jets. The most an F-22, say, will pull is 9.5 Gs, sustained for no more than about 20 seconds, depending on their particular maneuver at the time.

Ten seconds after I first spotted the UFO, it vanished. We could not tell whether it simply flew away from us and disappeared . . . or simply cloaked so we lost sight of it.

This occurrence is not uncommon above FLAT Mother Earth. Mr. Ed Grimsley, who passed away recently, reported the presence of multiple UFOs in our night sky on many occasions, and he witnessed them via GEN-4 PVS-7 night-vision devices.

This is the second UFO I’ve seen. Number one was in Hout Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape in South Africa, in 2013: I was inside my home in Hout Bay when I felt this disturbing, very-low-frequency HUMMMMMM. I walked outside and saw a huge lenticular cloud over a mountain peak about a mile or so away. In about two minutes, the cloud disappeared, along with the cloaked UFO.

We are not alone . . . ET has been with us since our inception, but the Jesuits have suppressed all knowledge of them.

As more and more good people take an interest in who really runs our FLAT Mother Earth, we will see the rise of a new form of opposition against the great power that has enslaved us for thousands of years. . . .