When I Needed True Religion In My Life, I Designed And Built My Own

When I Needed True Religion In My Life, I Designed And Built My Own

As a young man, I was too busy to think about religion and how it could impact my life, let alone make me a better human being.

Now, at 56, I need religion more than ever, since I must now reconcile “taking out the trash 62+ times, including 7 big-game poachers.”

Regardless of whether someone is “bad,” they are still a living breathing thing, so to serve as judge, jury and executioner weighs heavily on my mind. I know I did the right thing each time, so there’s no guilt there. Still, there exists The Mighty Weight. . .

ArcanumCOVERNothing out there came close to fulfilling my extreme needs, so I designed and built my own religion, based on the sermons of Jmmanuel Sananda, the half-extraterrestrial/half-human known to the world as Jesus Christ.

My book, Arcanum, details this new religion, which is based in no small part on Jmmanuel’s wonderful and thoughtful sermons.

In his original 36 sermons, Jmmanuel talks openly about The Laws of Creation but is never specific. He teasingly tells his disciples and followers that they should follow these Laws, but never lists them.

How maddening it must’ve been for his disciples and followers, forever listening to his wisdom but never truly understanding it.

So, after studying and psychoanalyzing Jmmanuel’s sermons, I extracted 124 Laws of Creation and The Universe, and listed them in Part Three of Arcanum.

This should be a lesson to all of us: when we need something in life and it does not exist, or the existing things do not suit our needs, we then must design and build our own “something.”