The Suppressed Truth About The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Now Available on

The Suppressed Truth About The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Now Available on

First published in 1922 by Ms. Burke McCarty, The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln reveals the accurate gritty details of the Jesuit’s sinister plot to murder yet another American president.

You will soon discover:

  • How the Jesuits used the Vatican to help plan the assassination
  • The identity of the Vatican cardinal who planned the attack
  • The identities of the ultra-secret European “High Contracting Parties,” the monarchs who plotted to overthrow the United States of America
  • The full text of the Secret Treaty of Verona
  • How the European Saint Leopoldine Foundation spy system infiltrated American politics
  • Why the pope declared himself King of America
  • The secret history of the Congress of Vienna of 1814
  • How the US Congress knew of the plot to overthrow America
  • The Secret Jesuit Oath
  • Why the Roman Catholic Church protected prostitutes and their profession
  • Why Abraham Lincoln defended the Roman Catholic priest, Father Charles Chiniquy
  • How Abraham Lincoln drew the wrath of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits
  • How the Jesuits assassinated six American presidents in 60 years
  • How the Jesuit-controlled Vatican emplaced their own ruler in Mexico to destabilize America

“These Jesuits are Confessors to the greatest part of the Nobility thorowout all Roman Catholick States. Nay, and the better to attend them, they will not admit Poor Men or Poor Women to their Confessions, but rather aim to be Confessors to Princes themselves. So that by this Course it is easie for them to penetrate every Design, every Resolution, and Inclination, as well of Princes, as of Subjects, of all which they suddenly inform the Father General or his Assistants in Rome.” —Titus Oates, DD, in An Exact Discovery of the Mystery of Iniquity As It is Now Practiced Among the Jesuits (1679)

Adagio Press has revamped the original book: new cover, design and layout, plus light editing for clarity.

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