The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth: Now Available on

The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth: Now Available on

John Wilkes Booth, the Jesuit assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, did not die in 1865, as stated in revisionist history books and other accounts.

Living under assumed names, Booth traveled in the western United States and in Mexico, then settled in the Oklahoma Territories, where he lived until 1903.

Researcher, author and attorney Finis L. Bates reveals the mystery behind Booth’s alleged “death” in 1865, and shares personal discussions he had with Booth, who openly confessed to the assassination and the parts played by the many conspirators who aided him.

Bates also includes detailed accounts from many other parties who were intimately familiar with the conspiracy and with Booth personally.

Meticulously researched and presented, The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth sheds light on the grand conspiracy to murder President Abraham Lincoln and to conceal the escape and later whereabouts of his assassin.

Originally published in 1907, this current version has been edited for clarity, while preserving the author’s original content and style.

The paperback is now available on