Fifty Years in the Church of Rome: Now Available on

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome: Now Available on

Rev. Charles Chiniquy chronicles his 50 years as a servant of the Church of Rome, while also revealing the evil machinations of the Jesuits and their Roman Catholic minions.

Among many other revelations, the good reverend details the plot behind the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by Jesuit assassin John Wilkes Booth and his Jesuit co-conspirators, and shares intimate details of his personal meetings with Lincoln before and during his presidency.

“The Church of Rome’s only object in giving what she calls education is to teach her slaves that they must obey their superiors in everything, as God himself. All the rest of her teaching is only a mask to conceal her plans.”

Never before has such a scathing indictment of the Church of Rome been published in so complete a volume as Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

Adagio Press has completely revamped the original book, with a new cover, layout and design, plus light editing for clarity.

The paperback is now available on