American Warfare: What A Racket

American Warfare: What A Racket

American military go-to-war ammunition is an easy target for saboteursfrom Sean Maclaren’s upcoming book, Romanic Depression:

If war were truly about one side trying to kill or subdue the another side, then we’d see REAL “terrorist attacks” on US soil, aimed directly at special-operations installations, fighter and attack jet bases, soldiers’ barracks, etc. Military units’ go-to-war ammunition is typically stored in open areas or bunkers which a well-trained enemy squad could easily infiltrate and sabotage or destroy. Most are not even guarded 24/7.

Incredible as it sounds, it’s easy to kill any member of Congress or their families, any Army or Air Force or Marine Corps general or Navy admiral. And, for all his high-tech support and protection, the President of the United States is also an easy target.

So how is it that our true enemies (hint: there really isn’t one) never engage in this type of ancient warfare, where one side attempts to destroy the other and confiscate his land and possessions?

The Jesuits disallow this type of ancient warfare because it would mean an uncontrolled and all-out war, and that’s not what their wars are about.

The US military does not have super-big bombs—other than nukes—that can level a city. They have small bombs and tiny bullets that do just enough damage. And “just enough” can prolong a war for as long as the Jesuits wish.

Two thousand years ago, an army would annihilate the enemy, rape women and girls, enslave children, steal the bounty, destroy its cities and material things, esp. cultural things. There were no rules of engagement, soft-sided diplomatic talks, Geneva Conventions, etc. Even as recent as 150 years ago in America, Native American warriors and Union soldiers had little issue slaughtering each other into oblivion.

In WWII, something curious happened: entire countries were spared (Switzerland and her banks), the Vatican and Jesuit buildings.

In the Vietnam War, the US couldn’t bomb Hanoi and many important targets that would’ve leveled the country in days.

In Gulf War I, many important targets and people were completely off limits

In Iraq and Afghanistan, many targets and people couldn’t be touched and, if they were by accident, those involved were court-martialed or, worse, tucked away inside Ft. Leavenworth.

Modern warfare is designed to be long and drawn out—for decades—and costing trillions of dollars

Five thousand people died here. Most of them clubbed, hacked, stabbed or shot to death. Their unburied bones are gathered and displayed at memorial centres all across Rwanda.

During the 20th century, there were more than 30 major wars and conflicts across the globe, from the Boxer Rebellion in China and the Boer War in South Africa at the turn of the century to the Balkan War and Rwanda genocide in the mid to late 1990s.

At the center of every conflict was a small cadre of Jesuit priests who designed and planned all the major steps and ensured that each phase was carried out to plan. The stereotypical Jesuit planner is 27-30 years old and has about 5-7 years’ experience in the field and in planning such conflicts, at least in simulation. Each is well educated at one of the top Jesuit universities, usually Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and also receives extensive graduate training in geopolitics and geoeconomics, and in all the necessary warfighting skills that normal military planners receive while on active duty in the US military. A 30-year-old Jesuit is equivalent to a major in the US Army, but some exceptional Jesuit priests have the duties and responsibilities of a Colonel.

What we Americans do not know is that each of these wars and conflicts are planned well in advance, usually 10 years or more. Those who actually carry out the steps and phases of a war may not have been the original designers and planners, but the continuity between successive generations in the Jesuit organization remains smooth and well orchestrated.

Jesuits also designed and built each of the US military’s service academies: West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy. The intent was to attract and educate only the brightest and malleable students from across America (no free-thinkers allowed), and thoroughly but secretly indoctrinate them in the ways of Jesuit warfare.

Very few students who have attended these prestigious academies have every been aware of this unpleasant fact. Only some of those who reach the rank of general are brought into an even more-exclusive society that reveals tidbits about those who give them their marching orders. And even fewer still are aware that it is the Jesuits who run the show.

PattonphotoOver the decades, some generals have run afoul of the Jesuit masters, and paid the ultimate price. America’s beloved General George S. Patton, Jr. fell victim shortly after WWII, when he sharply criticized his civilian and military superiors for allowing the Soviets to occupy and take over much of Eastern Europe. He argued that the Soviets would be America’s greatest threat in the coming years.

What General Patton did not know was that the Jesuits had already planned for the Soviets to rule all of East Europe and to act on the world stage as the opposing team against the United States in what would become the Cold War.

China was also staged as an opponent to the US, but held in check so that it could be groomed as the world’s superpower. While the US focused its military might on the Soviet Union, China was built into the manufacturing powerhouse we see today.

Had General Patton known of the Jesuits’ overall plan, would he have continued to act as he did, publicly castigating those in power? There were other generals (Eisenhower and Marshall) who knew of the Jesuit’s plan on a lower level (they did not possess a high-enough security clearance to know of the intricate details), and so they smartly kept silent, and were richly rewarded in the years following the war.

On a cold December day in 1945, OSS operative Douglas Bazata carried out a well-planned attack on the general: a large troop transport rammed General Patton’s Cadillac. Bazata allegedly fired into the vehicle, but no evidence of bullet wounds on the General’s body were ever revealed, because no official autopsy was performed. General Patton suffered a broken neck, but it is now known whether it was from the accident or a bullet fired by Bazata. While the general lay in a private hospital room, Soviet NKVD secret police assassins were allowed to enter surreptitiously and poison him.

Cases like General Patton’s are actually more common than you might think, but they are not reported by BigMedia because the Jesuits go to extreme lengths to hide the activities of “rogue” US military generals and admirals.

Given the might of the trillion-dollar US military, one must wonder how they do not crush every opponent they face. The answer is simple: because the US military is hobbled by the Jesuits and it is not allowed to prevail in every war, conflict or skirmish, even though it is clearly the more formidable force.

In each war, which is financed by a number of Jesuit-controlled sources, the outcome has been decided years in advance, and the subsequent actions and behaviors of the victors and losers already scripted, although neither the victor nor loser necessarily knows his respective part in the whole operation. He simply must follow through as ordered to learn his fate.

How do the Jesuits start a war?

Historically, it has been either a surprise attack that was allowed to happen, a false-flag attack, or a retaliatory response for an alleged enemy attack that never actually took place.

Pearl Harbor is an example of a surprise attack that was known years in advance by certain members of the US government and, of course, those who planned it: the Jesuits. We are taught that the Japanese carried out a surprise attack on US soil on 7 December 1941, but the reality is that the Jesuits had planned a large-scale attack somewhere on American soil, an act that would “legally” and “lawfully” pull them into WWII. It is curious how the Jesuits use “legal” and “lawful” means only when an action will be seen or noticed in public, but behind the scenes they ignore any and all laws and statutes that apply to the rest of America.

pearl-harbor-the-gettysburg-times-1941American forces were hobbled at Pearl Harbor in a number of ways, not the least of which was the surprise itself. Also, American forces were not as well trained as the Japanese, which had been training for this mission for months. They also were fresh from other battles and conflicts, while the Americans had not fought a war in 20 years and were, as one old soldier put it, “like an ancient war horse, now gristle and bones.” The American military was in no way prepared to carry out a reasonable response to the attack, let alone get involved in a major war on multiple fronts.

All US government officials are on a need-to-know basis, so the Jesuits have expert handlers who have intimate knowledge of a subject, acting behind the scenes to ensure an operation runs according to plan. President Roosevelt had long been a Jesuit minion who had some prior knowledge of the Japanese attack, but was never given specific details about America’s and Japan’s true roles in the war. Those particulars were reserved only for high-ranking Jesuits, and even some of them did not know the long-term goals.

To learn at least some of the reasons for waging a war, especially prolonged ones, one must examine the results, knowing full well that Americans will probably never understand the underlying reasons because they are so well hidden by the Jesuits behind their black curtain of lies and deceit.

For example, who benefits from prolonged warfare? What is the flow of money before, during and after a war? Who receives the majority of the money and for how long? What is the global power structure after a war? All too often, a war may be fought by two parties, but in the end a third party is the one that benefits from it. Perhaps it is land, water, or some other precious resource like oil.

There are also otherworldly reasons for the Jesuits to start a war: extraterrestrials have landing zones in the Middle East, and these must be protected by the Jesuits for future landings. The zones are not necessarily like traditional military or civilian airports, because some extraterrestrials use stargates and other “portals” to come and go from Mother Earth.

The current war in the Middle East is believed to serve as a distraction for a coming extraterrestrial event.

Oil is not the reason for war there.

Water is not the reason.

Natural gas is not the reason.

All these conventional reasons can be eliminated once you understand that the Jesuits are in possession of advanced technology to supply unlimited “free” energy to all countries, making oil and natural gas irrelevant. Water is not in the short supply reported in BigMedia. It is part of a large continuous cycle around the globe that provides a plentiful supply of fresh water.

ProlongedWarfareSo when we question why we are seemingly always at war, we must dig even deeper than what is reported in mainstream news by BigMedia.

Again, those previous questions arise:

Who benefits from prolonged warfare?

What is the flow of money before, during and after a war?

Who receives the majority of the money and for how long?

What is the global power structure after a war?

It is not as difficult as you may think to answer these questions reasonably accurately. One global answer is the Jesuits. They benefit on all levels from prolonged warfare, they receive the majority of the money from a war, and they determine the power structure after a war.

What we are seeing in the first dozen years of the new millennium is unprecedented: a sharp acceleration of Jesuit actions that so far are resulting in a spike in deaths from unnatural causes across the world. The causes are all a result of Jesuit influence and mediation, whether poisoning of the world’s water and food supplies, poisoning of the air and soil, and introduction of new and exotic diseases that kill very quickly (of the order of days).

Is all this a means to an end, or is it a distraction from something larger and more sinister?