American Law Enforcement: Dressed To Kill

American Law Enforcement: Dressed To Kill

FORT WORTH, TX - MARCH 21: Fort Worth SWAT team members conduct a training exercise where they swarm a house where Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage is being held hostage on March 21, 2012 at the Fort Worth Police & Fire Training Center in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway)

from Sean Maclaren’s upcoming book, Romanic Depression:

Today you cannot tell the difference between a soldier dressed for combat and a law-enforcement officer dressed for street duty.

The militarization of America’s police and sheriff’s departments is nearly complete, with the addition of armed helicopters and drones that patrol our cities and towns.

Please read this report on the militarization of America’s police forces.

And Americans still do not believe that their country is falling apart all around them. This is a sound testament to the highly efficient Jesuits’ stealthy tactics and strategies. Bravo!

To add insult to injury, the Jesuits also trained our law-enforcement agencies to act aggressively toward the civilian population, much like our beloved military servicemembers now do. Since the false-flag attacks on September 11, 2001, there have been thousands of new laws, statutes, rules, regulations, directives and memos that order law-enforcement officials to act harshly against American civilians, many of whom are now labeled “domestic terrorists.”

Some of my friends in law enforcement tell me how they, too, hate civilians. It is saddening to listen to the vitriol from these guys I was once friends with, but can no longer identify with on any level. They have been beaten down from kind and gentle souls with killing skills to mean and nasty men with the same killing skills. Their humanity has been ripped from them by Jesuit teachings and indoctrination.

The Birth of American Paramilitary Forces

The Jesuits first introduced America’s first militarized police force 50 years ago at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD): Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). That’s a long time when you think about it: 50 years. Please consider that for a moment, so you can appreciate the patience of the Jesuits when designing, planning and implementing a particular action. It has taken the Jesuits more than 50 years to build a militarized police force in America, capable of putting down civil unrest, riots and rebellions among the American population.

Fifty years.

Maybe now you will understand that the Jesuits have long-term plans and goals, some of which may last 50 and 100 years or more. It may take this long to effect a particular action, because we civilians in the population evolve slowly and do not necessarily adopt their intended changes quickly enough. But, as I said before, the Jesuits are a patient lot, so they will do whatever it takes to ensure their plan is carried out, even if it takes a hundred years.

How’s that for diligence and determination?

UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses a can of pepper spray to move protestors who were blocking officers attempts to remove arrested protestors from the Quad on Friday afternoon. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo

The Jesuits are a very aggressive bunch who have little patience for disobedience, so when they began implementing their 50-year plan to militarize America’s police forces, they also threw in new methods of treating our citizens: aggressively. In fact, one might think that we Americans are the enemy. To the Jesuits, we are. And that’s why we are now being seen as potential terrorists on our own soil.

Police forces have been trained to view its citizens as threats, and so have adopted new tactics to combat us, especially during any civil unrest.

Masters of Mayhem

On this note, please understand that every major protest in the US is always instigated by the Jesuits. They are masters of mayhem, excellent at igniting the smallest spark in a population of people who disagree with anything on their agenda.

The Jesuits organize small and large groups of dissenters and anarchists, who end up posing as good Americans at rallies and peace marches, then they turn things up a notch and start fights and sometimes even riots.

Mark my words: the Jesuits are the real instigators here, not normal discontented American citizens.

Isn’t it curious how the “Catholic Church” always seems to be involved in town and city meetings between police and the civilian population? There are even priests who openly have dialogues with and “advise” police departments in the larger cities. Aren’t you curious about this? These “Catholic liaisons” are actually Jesuit handlers who don’t simply advise police and sheriff’s departments, they guide them in a desired direction.

These advisors have been present for decades, but only in the last 20 years have been more open about their involvement as liaisons with law enforcement. The same Jesuit priest may serve as a police “advisor” and “community leader.” In both capacities, he knows what both sides are thinking and doing, and can steer public sentiment in any direction he chooses. This is precisely how the Jesuits stir up civil unrest in a population that eventually leads to an all-out protest or riot.

54fcdb7f57385.imageMembers of law enforcement never seem to voice opposition to the presence of “Catholic priests” at their meetings and briefings. Why not? Normally, no other civilian group is present during those community meetings. How can this be? Because the Jesuits do not allow other groups to interfere with their planning and execution of any event or action.

During the tenure of LA Police Chief Bill Gates, the Jesuits implemented various invasive procedures, some of which were overturned in court, demonstrating that not all of the Jesuits’ actions and events turn out as planned, so they must retreat to the drawing board and come up with new plans and procedures.

In one case, LAPD’s Public Disorder and Intelligence Division (PDID) collected detailed intelligence on any organization, group or person who was hostile to the LAPD. The PDID was not at all different from the FBI.

Although the PDID was ordered disbanded in 1983, the Jesuits directed the LAPD to start a new anti-terrorist section in its place, which, over the years, expanded duties and operations and continues to this day.

Almost immediately, other law-enforcement agencies across America adopted the LAPD’s SWAT doctrine, and that’s when we began to see the slow rise of the militarization of law enforcement in the US. Previously, there was plenty of violence and prejudice among the police and sheriff’s departments, especially in the southern states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama, which were deeply divided between blacks and whites. Despite these ethnic differences, police forces did not act in any martial way prior to the 1960s. After WWII, many of those who served as military policemen in the Army and Navy became police officers and sheriff’s deputies, but they did not bring with them military-style tactics, only elements of brutality.

The American Citizen: Modern-Day Guinea Pigs

The Jesuits have used large police departments to roll out new tactics against US citizens, and many of them were done via the LAPD, which had a large budget and police force, and could implement new designs very quickly and efficiently, while producing fast results that were adopted by other law-enforcement agencies in the US. This quick implementation and viral spread enabled the Jesuits to train and indoctrinate American citizens not only to appreciate and accept, but respect, admire and even ask for military-style police forces to combat  a new threat to America: terrorism.

After the Vietnam War, which opened up a new pipeline of heroin to the United States, the Jesuits needed a way to instill fear in the American public, so the Jesuits could usher in new highly restrictive laws across the nation. America had grown weary of the 10-year-long war, and were ripe for behavioral modification. Americans were eager for a fix, so the Jesuits created new forms of heroin and cocaine to make it easier for low-income people to afford to get high and even more malleable, if not dead and out of the way of the Jesuits and their plans.

Heroin and cocaine derivatives spread fast across America, creating a new epidemic of not just lethargy and apathy, but of extreme violence. These waves of mayhem produced a vacuum that was quickly filled with the Jesuits’ new laws and statutes that restricted the liberties of citizens. The effect was slow enough so ordinary Americans would not notice, but fast enough to to create a momentum of decay that spread over much of the US.

The 1970s and ‘80s saw an unprecedented wave of violence and crime, and produced blighted areas in cities like Detroit, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami to name a few. And of course law enforcement had to evolve to handle these violent crimes and criminals who now packed serious small arms and other weapons, some “stolen” and “procured” from military installations.

The Jesuits always play all sides of a war or battle

In this case, they ensured that criminal organizations were well supplied with new weapons and ammunition, and that police units had even larger arsenals to combat the growing threat of a “militarized” criminal underworld.

The cycle continues today, but the supposed threats from the civilian population now include sophisticated terrorism, dirty nuclear bomb capability, emerging exotic illegal drugs, and military-trained criminals with extensive combat experience.

How does a modern police force contend with such a threat?

By becoming even more militaristic.

By arming themselves with heavy weapons, large armored vehicles with cannon and machine guns, helicopter gunships, armed reconnaissance drones. One would think America’s law-enforcement agencies are going to war.

They are.

Against the good people of America, many of whom are being called “domestic terrorists.”

It is difficult, if not impossible, to appreciate the evolution of law enforcement in the United States, unless you study it meticulously over many decades. Only then can you detect distinct patterns and behaviors that, over time, jump out at you and scream for attention. You cannot simply look at events over a year or two to see how America has become a police state. You must do the research, and then corroborate what you learn with many other trusted sources.

What we are witnessing in America today is not the work of international bankers and transnational businesses.

It is the careful and diligent execution by a group of men in Rome, Italy, who have patiently designed and built America as have seen fit. The Jesuits are the culprits, not the Kazharjews and their descendants, who are merely the accountants and sometimes public face of BigMoney for the Jesuits.