About William Dean A. Garner

About William Dean A. Garner

Dean Garner is a volunteer mentor to, and supporter of, US military veterans and their families. He provides temporary financial assistance, material support, and advice on how to prepare, file and maintain a VA disability claim and appeal. Some of his advice is featured in the bestselling book, VA Disability Claim, by Jon Macintosh.

He was a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many books, who also mentored and consulted to several New York Times bestselling authors.

In late 2001, he was personally invited by then-unknown author Dan Brown to read an advance reading copy and do an edit of The Da Vinci Code.  After his edit, Garner phoned Brown’s editor at Doubleday, Jason Kaufman, and said, “You have an international bestseller on your hands.” Kaufman replied, “We hope so,” then thanked Garner for his contribution.

Dean’s first book, TOPGUN Miramar, published in London in 1992, was a bestselling coffee-table book in English, French and German, and featured the US Navy Fighter Weapons School, TOPGUN.

Before devoting full time to writing and editing, Dean was a scientist for 13 years (biophysics), US Army Airborne Ranger with the 1st Ranger Battalion, an overseas security specialist with international private military firms he designed and assisted in building, a digital commercial photographer, and military aviation photographer who flew in US military high-performance attack and fighter jets (A-4, A-7, F-4, F-14, F-15, F-16, F/A-18), helicopters and cargo and refueling aircraft, and photographed from the back seat of jets and from various platforms on other aircraft.

He is retired and lives in Costa Rica.